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Our Rated R Policy 

As we are a small town theater, our Rated R policy will differ from others.


Middle School- though we don't encourage children to come to a Rated R movie due to many reasons, we can not stop them from coming in with a parent or guardian. Though the rule is children HAVE to come in with a parent or guardian and they must STAY and watch the movie with the child. Parents can not buy a ticket for the child and leave.


High School- If you are 14, 15, or 16 years old AND in high school, you must have a note with the following; name of the movie, your name, and your parent's or guardian's name along with their number or print out the 'Rated R permission slip' at the bottom of the page. This means your parent does not have to come and purchase your ticket and stay with you though we HIGHLY encourage it. 


For more information on movies and their ratings, click below to discover more on or download the APP to your smartphone.

Rated R
Permission slip

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